About Us

Our mission is to build the most unique, high quality motorcycles and motorcycle parts.

Located in the heart of Brooklyn – we do everything when it comes to motorcycles;

Custom Builds, Parts, Service & Storage.

Iacona Custom Cycles Shop

Steven Profile pic

“The bikes speak for themselves.”

 – Steven Iacona

Within the past decade, Iacona Custom Cycles has pioneered the custom motorcycle industry by fabricating award-winning custom motorcycles. Iacona has become an extension of freedom by crafting unique experiences for riders around the world. 

Born & raised in Brooklyn, New York – Steven Iacona’s building career started at a young age with bicycles, then converted to dirt bikes & mopeds, to cars then motorcycles. Today Steve is a full-time father and champion builder.

Betweens Steve’s late teen years & early 20’s, he was working on a 68 Camero SS show car, out of his garage. After establishing the Iacona name in the car-scene and winning multiple awards, Steve found a new passion for motorcycles.

After leaving the racing scene with his Ducati 916 in 2003, Steve decided to get his first Harley Softail to ride around with his wife. His passion for building transferred into custom Harleys.  After gaining attention from local bikers, Steve began building modified Harley’s from his garage.

Our mission is to build the most high quality motorcycles and parts.  We strive to achieve our mission by differentiating ourselves with custom builds and parts, which will soon be available for international distribution.

Humble, garage beginnings with dedication and perseverance has evolved Iacona Custom Cycles into an internationally renowned, award winning brand.

Iacona Work Ethic

There are no drawings or plans. Steve thinks up something in his head and gets busy on his lathe, drill press, English wheel and whatever else he can squeeze inside the diminutive shop. Iacona takes particular pride in little things, like the way the hydraulic lines are routed. “Everything has to be just right, and that can make things hard at times.” Indeed. Those tube brake lines take a lot of sharp turns, which is time consuming work. But the results are worth it. If Steve thinks of it, it simply needs to be done, no matter how much time or how difficult it is to accomplish.