Brooklyn Hotrod

The Brooklyn Hotrod was built before the shop even existed in Steve’s home garage. It was a hobby bike. It was made for his personal use and for something that could be ridden every day; not just something that was a showpiece. The bike was also featured in Barnetts Magazine. It was also runner up at the Metzeler Show in Sturgis.

“Steven Iacona is just like most of us who live, breathe, and possibly eat motorcycles. He’s a regular guy with a full-time job, happily married to Teresa (who supports and encourages his two-wheeled activities in a way most of us could only wish), and has a couple of young kids, Marilena and Ciro, to provide for and nurture like the good dad he is. He’s no Village People Harley stereotype with all the doo-dads like you see way too often, just a guy trying to get by and prosper in a tough economy”.


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